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Sebenarnya Anda lebih berani dari yang anda duga, lebih kuat dari yang anda tahu, dan lebih pintar yang anda kira, namun itu semua tersembunyi dibalik diding tipis bernama keragu-raguan. ...


Satu-satunya cara untuk melakukan pekerjaan besar adalah dengan mencintai apa yang Anda lakukan, walaupun sebenarnya anda membencinya...


Kegagalan adalah peluang untuk hal yang lebih baik. Kegagalan adalah batu loncatan untuk pengalaman yang berharga. Suatu hari nanti Anda akan bersyukur untuk beberapa kegagalan yang anda alami. Percayalah, ketika satu pintu tertutup untuk anda, sebenarnya pintu yang lain selalu terbuka...


"Tajamnya kata lebih membekas dihati sampai bertahun-tahun bahkan teringat seumur hidup,jadi jagalah lisanmu jangan mengukir luka dihati, Mencari 1000 orang musuh lebih Gampang dripada mencari 1 orang SAHABAT. Jadi jagalah persahabatan Kalian" ...


Sebenarnya sangatlah mudah menjadi Bahagia. Kebahagiaan akan datang saat kita memaafkan diri kita sendiri, memaafkan orang lain, dan hidup dengan penuh rasa syukur. Tidak pernah ada orang egois dan tidak tahu berterima kasih mampu merasakan bahagia, apalagi membuat orang lain bahagia. Hidup ini memberi, bukan meminta."


For you want to be like VIP who can go to other market with your own access, but not too large. Evan He was made a application to support amazon store outside USA, have Proxy support for market 3.x using HTTP, change provider in one click can you make real with Market Unlocker 3.1.3 APK. But now, you have to look at below for information and description about this app. Enjoy it!

For some apps are just enabled for some specific countries and not available to the other countries,so it is very difficult to download many high quality software.

Market Unlocker 3.1.3 APK lets you access paid or restricted apps in Android Market 2.x and 3.x and Amazon Appstore in one click. It's safe, stable, simple and free.

***Get Root permission
***Have installed Android market
***Have installed Amazon appstore (optional)

***Change provider in one click
***Change provider automatically on boot or switch to flightmode
***Proxy support for market 3.x. It support HTTP, Socks4, Socks5 proxy and user authentication. Socks 4/5 proxy is highly recommended.
***Support Amazon Appstore outside USA.
***Support search, retrieve and configure proxy automatically (only pro version)

Basic Usage:
Click any list item in "Market" tab to enable Market Unocket. That's all. And you can switch to Home and Proxy table for more functions.

It is not permanent, will be original after reboot or flight mode! So if you want to back to default market,just reboot or reset flight mode, but you can check "Auto Unlock" to fake it automatically. This option is checked by default.

You can keep proxy disabled for your market 2.x, only check "Market Unlocker" to enable the function.

To work with new market 3.x,
1. Configure a USA (surely you can use other countries ip if they also support to show paid/restriced apps) proxy server and fill into market unlocker.
2. Enable proxy
3. Choose provider (optional. by default verizon is selected)
4. Check "Market Unlocker" to enable function.
That's all. Open Android market again, paid apps now are back to you. Good luck!

+++++ New update since version 3.0.8 +++++
Amazon Appstore is supported.

Basically Amazon appstore does not allow users to buy paid apps from outside USA, even if users have been registered use US credit card and US address.

Market Unlocker can also set a USA proxy for Amazon appstore to help you buy daily free apps as well as paid apps.

To achieve this:
First install Appstore app, otherwise the function checkbox will not be visible.
1. Go to Proxy tab
2. Configure Proxy Type, Proxy Host, Proxy Port. Please make sure you're using an effect USA proxy server first.
3. Check "Involve Amazon Appstore" button
4. Enable "Enable Proxy" to "ON"
Then open Appstore again, it should now work for you.

Note: There's no need to enable "Enable Unlocker" for Amazon Appstore.


Q:where I can find free USA proxies? and why don't you provide proxies in this app?
A:search google. Please upgrade to pro version which support automtic configuration.

Q:why I need use an USA proxy?
A:market 3.x is checking your ip address country. fake provider does not work any more. we need make it looks like a us user as well(from usa).

Q:why I can not connect to Market after enable proxy?
A:proxy server is broken or not supporting your request. try another proxy or disable proxy for free apps installation.

Q:why I enabled proxy, but still no paid apps visible to me?
A:you might have used a non-us proxy.

Q:How can I get a working US Amazon account?
A:Get a US billing adress and creditcard. If you don't have that you should generate the info from a site like this: Fake Name Generator(
). Keep in mind though that you won't be able to buy anything with it, but you can download the free apps of the day.

Credits to:

What's New?
1. Support proxy authentication
2. Support socks4 and socks5 proxy
3. Support Amazon Appstore outside USA
4. Add "Rate Me" in about dialog
5. Improve auto unlock for reported smartphones
6. Updated icon
7. Support automatic search, retrieval and configuraton of proxy on pro version.
8. Cavenote: Please use SOCKS 4/5 proxy in high priority as most of HTTP proxy does not work for market. A new version will be release soon to retreive Socks proxy automatically.

Download Market Unlocker 3.1.3 APK for Android 2.x and 3.x from here

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